Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

I think that I have grown a little bit during this time in the DLC. I feel like I have matured a lot and My projects show this if compare them. Sometimes I wonder if anything could make or break me better than the DLC. 

I think the moment when I was proud of myself is when Miss Bailin said that she loved (or something like that) my first scene for RBOC. I wasn't sure about it, but when I was done I think it reflected me more than this post could ever. 

I think my most challenging moment is when I am supposed to write things like this. Sometimes I find it hard to tell people about me and reflect on myself.  I like grading other people, but, when I am supposed to grade myself I can't seem to be honest. 

My favorite thing in the DLC is the people. You can find a reason to be friends with everybody and a reason not to. It is kind of fun to see the different kinds of people there are in the wold. 

I hope that I will learn and grow even more than I did in the first semester. I also hope that we will be able to do more things with people that we haven't worked with yet, especially the Block I kids.  
I also hope that I get better at public speaking. I feel like I need to do it more (even though it is not my favorite thing to do). I hope to not be so afraid to let everybody know who I am and to not be so afraid of public speaking. 


  1. I think you have changed in the way that you are getting better at public speaking. It is an important skill and from what I've seen you are becoming one of the better presenters in the DLC. Don't worry about the public speaking. Just relax and you'll do great.
    I have a lot of trouble doing reflective stuff and talking about myself too. If someone is your friend they should be your friend for who you are, not other things. That is how you find your closest friends.
    Keep up the good work,

  2. Thanks for the feed back! I think that is how people should find friends too. I think my public speaking still isn't as good as lots of people though....

  3. You have definitely changed in the way of public speaking. I had trouble with public speaking, then Miss Bailin told me to just relax because I knew the content, mostly because I spoke too fast. If you relax, you can do great. If you have a hard time writing about yourself, try to be open and find faults too, not only good things. Keep up the good work!